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  • Among the foremost aspects of enhancing your puppy's behavioral development into a well adjusted member not only of your family, but, also of the world at large, i.e. Society, is his socialization. Getting your new puppy dog acquainted, as early as possible, with everything he lives with in your home is the natural starting point. He'll have to get used to household sounds (vacuum cleaner, pots and pans, doorbell, radio, TV, telephone ringing, etc.) and learn not to fear or become unruly over them.

    Once you're sure he's comfortable with all these sounds, sights and smells in his daily living, it will be time to broaden his horizons by taking him out in your neighborhood. Let him get to explore on your walks, seeing and being introduced to new people, other dogs and different sounds and scents. Then, as your puppy's confidence grows, eventually take him to one of the smaller malls in your area. Let people wanting to say hello and pet him do so.

    If you make sure your puppy's socialization process proceeds at an unhurried pace, not pushing him too soon or too hard, you'll see him blossom into the kind of self-confident, well rounded dog you'll be proud to own.

  • People who buy puppies from a Pet Shop unwittingly, but absolutely, perpetuate continuation of the "puppy mills" market. It's a trade plied by unprincipled fast buck breeders who exploit dogs strictly as continuous incubators. The usually filthy, unsanitary conditions those poor animals live in as they're bred without interruption makes the business even more unsavory. Yet, it's the principal supply chain for pet shop puppies. The puppy millers sell pups to the shops at bargain prices, which often are kited up to make big profits by shop owners.

    The unsuspecting buyers who patronize pet shops offering puppies for sale are, for the most part, innocent supporters of this despicable partnership. Many buyers, unfortunately, don't even know about "Puppy Mills" or what they are. Obviously. more education of the public is needed to combat and discourage the puppy mill operators and ultimately drive them out of business. Their puppies are often sickly and will eventually disappoint those who buy them in pet shops.

    Pet shops that do not keep and sell puppies too often unfairly bear the stigma of their puppy-selling competitors. They certainly are not deserving of the same label. They are legitimate businesses providing necessary services for pet owners and should be patronized. Do not confuse such pet shops with those that sell puppy mills pups.

  • So your dog's a bit pudgy. Yes, dogs weight is an important factor in overall health. Do you immediately start sensible dietingfeeding him on bison steak or filet mignon? Or is there another alternative to dogs weight problems? You betcha there is. For example, consider how much exercise he’s getting. Do you take him for daily walks of 10-20 minutes? If not, then part of your answer lies right there.

    Find pet-friendly RV parks, hotels, dog parks, campgrounds, and dog sitting options.

    Of course, you’re busy, aren’t we all these days? But stop and think for a minute, you surely can wangle some spare time out of your day for at least a brisk 10-minute walk with Pudgy, er, I mean Rover on a regularly scheduled basis. Maybe it might be in the evening after you get home from work, either just before or right after dinner. Even if you can only manage a single walk during the week, and on both weekend days, your dog will still derive some exercise benefit and slowly begin shedding a bit of that excess weight. Then, when you see some gain, or rather loss, you might try cooking up some of that bison steak. It’s delicious and you might even give your dog a small bite of it.

    Let your dog get a good nights sleep with a dog bed. Giving your dog a permanent bed to sleep on will increase it's happiness.
  • A dog's wagging tail tells you he's friendly. Not always, though. Tails can tell numerous tales, if you know what to look for. For instance, a fast, expansive wag generally signals excited happiness, typical of greeting you when you've been gone for awhile. Conversely, a tail held horizontally and somewhat casually indicates the dog is up to checking more about you. Finding out if you're really friendly.

    Beware a stiff, high, fast wagging tail, which conveys disturbance and definite belligerence. A normally erectly held tail says "I'm very confident of who I am" so, go ahead and pet me. I'm friendly. Of course, everybody knows that a tail tucked between a dog's legs mean he's frightened and insecure, and really needs reassurance and a good friend.

    Pay attention to your dog's tail and other dogs' too.

  • Some dog breeds get tagged as vicious with reputation ruining regularity by Media over eager to jump on every isolated incident involving any of three or four different breeds. Pitbulls, Rotweillers, Dobermans and German Shepherds are the designated "culprits." Invariably characterized in inflamatory terms as vicious and untrustworthy, these breeds have become targets of sensationalized press reports seeking to play up "savage attacks" on people and other dogs.

    Too often, when delving into the backgrounds of such incidents, it becomes obvious that uncaring or abusive owners may well have caused the aberrant behavior of their dogs. Seldom reported are the many examples of love, loyalty and good works by members of these impugned breeds. Apparently, most such instances are deemed not newsworthy.

    But not surprising to people who know these breeds are the facts: when they are obtained from reliable, reputable breeders and caringly and properly raised and trained from puppyhood or as young adults, any of them grow up to be fine, affectionate family pets and good canine citizens. With the facts in mind, there's no reason to avoid owning one simply due to undeserved bad press.

  • Don't let today's troubling economy deter you from following up on your heartfelt desire to get a dog of your own. Several money-saving options available to you can help get that new "Best Friend" into your life without bankrupting you in the process.

    Consider how many thousands of dogs are waiting for adoption in public and private animal shelters and rescue organizations across the nation and in Canada. Shelter dogs come in "many flavors," mostly mixed breeds, some of whose ancestry can easily be guessed at, while others defy identifying the amalgam of their background. Many of these dogs have been picked up as strays, aimlessly wandering the streets or countryside just trying to survive. Some have issues that may make adoption more difficult; others come with no baggage and are excellent choices to bring into your home.

    Adoption fees vary from shelter to shelter, but seldom exceed $200, which is a real bargain considering today's economy. In a few instances, dogs can be had for as little as a $50 donation.

    Should you be interested only in obtaining a purebred dog, you can explore breed-specific websites run by breed clubs or rescue organizations devoted to a particular breed of dog. These will generally request somewhat larger fees, but, again, seldom topping $300, roughly $600-$800 less than a breeder would charge for most purebreds.

    In either case, mixed breed or purebred, adoption will help a worthy dog to find a good, loving forever home, and will provide you with devotion and companionship beyond compare.

  • Dog owners, too many it's been said, don't pay enough attention to what or how they feed their pets. Of course, Grandma's astute advice "always buy the best," is difficult to ignore. But, especially in today's very difficult economy, it's understandable that folks might try to skimp a little on price, buying bargain dog food instead of the top quality brands.

    Unfortunately, they're just kidding themselves and short changing their dog, because Fido will need more of the bargain chow to maintain minimal health. Smaller quantities of protein rich, top quality foods actually result in saving money.

    How to feed your dog involves a few time proven practices.

    • Always feed your dog at the same time every day. Dogs thrive on regularity.
    • Feed him in his own bowl. This normally pre-empts begging at the table.
    • A few table scraps (only meat, not fat, and veggies) are okay after your dinner.
    • Avoid foods that are unhealthy or even dangerous to dogs.avoid dangerous foods

    Following these measures will prove to be best for both your prized pet and you.

A Dog Training Tip

Your dog will become better behaved after learning the leave it command. Use it to stop him from doing something undesirable, such as digging or chewing. It works well when you need a quick stop order.


Dog Shelters Sorely Need Your Help!

Caught right smack in the middle of the worst economic downturn in recent memory, dog shelters--public and private--desperately need the help of folks who truly love dogs. Facing drastically reduced budgets and lackluster fund raising campaigns, these worthy organizations are rapidly falling behind in their rescue efforts.

Especially distressing is what's happening at public shelters where an overload of strays and owner surrenders forces far more dogs to be euthanized than can be rescued into loving homes. Even private no-kill shelters are finding abnormal difficulty in placing their animals into adoptive homes. With facilities literally jammed to the rafters, these shelters cannot accept new dogs at anywhere near their former pace.

Shelters' ability to farm out some dogs to foster homes also has shrunk to dire levels due to the lousy economy, further stretching limited kenneling facilities. They really need foster volunteers to ease the burden.

So, how can you help? Well, if you've been thinking about adopting a new Best Friend, do it now, don't put it off any longer. Short finances may strain your budget, yet skipping a couple of dinners out for two or three months may solve the problem for you.

Those folks who, for whatever reason, can't adopt, can scrape together five or ten bucks to donate to their local shelter. It may seem a tiny amount, but it really can help, and may just be the difference in saving a precious dog's life.

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